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Developing information architectures through records management classification techniques

Context and purpose of the work - This work draws attention to information retrieval philosophies and techniques allied to the records management profession, advocating a wider professional consideration of a functional approach to information management, in this instance in the development of information architectures. Methodology - This paper draws from a hypothesis originally presented by the author (Milne, 2007a) that advocated a viewpoint whereby the application of records management techniques traditionally applied to develop business classification schemes was offered as an additional solution to organising information resources and services (within a university intranet), where earlier approaches notably subject and administrative based arrangements were found to be lacking. The hypothesis was tested via work-based action learning and is presented here as an extended case study. This paper also draws upon evidence submitted to the Joint Information Systems Committee in support of the University of Abertay Dundee's application for consideration of the JISC award for innovation in records and information management (University of Abertay Dundee, 2007). Findings - The original hypothesis has been tested in the workplace. Information retrieval techniques allied to records management (functional classification) were the main influence in the development of pre and post-coordinate information retrieval systems to support a wider information architecture, where the subject approach was found to be lacking. Their use within the workplace has since been extended. Originality/value - The paper advocates the development of information retrieval as a discipline, should include a wider consideration of functional classification, as this alternative to the subject approach is largely ignored in mainstream IR works.

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