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Biodiversity information retrieval across networked data sets

Globally, biodiversity resources are inevitable digital and stored in wide variety of formats by researchers or stakeholders. In the Malaysian perspective, although awareness of digitizing the biodiversity data has long been stressed, the semantic interoperability of the biodiversity collections is still an issue to be looked into. This is essentially because when data is shared, the copyright crisis occurs hence creating a setback among researchers wanting to promote or share their findings through online presentations. Hence, this has become a hindrance for researchers in this country to share their valuable information and knowledge in this area with their peers locally or even internationally. To solve this, we present an approach to integrate data through wrapping of various datasets stored in relational databases located on networked platforms. The approach, which uses tools such as XML, PHP, ASP and HTML to integrate databases in heterogeneous environment, does not only solve copyright problems by suggesting distributed warehouses and required fields for sharing but also give the data owner the benefit of having their database under their own jurisdiction. The approach presented in this paper is important for scientists as findings in science are useful and should be shared among the scientists for a better living.

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