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Here comes everything

In order for businesses to remain relevant in the quickly changing digital environment, content solutions that can be easily adopted and deployed are critical to maintaining a competitive edge. Unfortunately, the marketplace cannot wait for the slow development of standards to guide their needs, nor for the even slower approval process by an industry body. Instead, it requires a bold leap from an informed theoretical base to an implementable strategy.

At The Walt Disney Company, Madi Solomon used the FRBR conceptual model and the research papers of Dr. Jane Hunter to design a simple but effective moving-image metadata model that captured the several instantiations of a single intellectual property across a broad spectrum of consumables (think movies, television series, books, soundtracks, games, and theme park rides). This metadata standard was released to the public last year and has been adopted by Disney and Universal/NBC.

At Pearson Plc, the publishing conglomerate, educational content is evolving with Teachers twittering syllabi to their students, online learning modules are made available on demand, and content can be customized out of chunks from different sources. As their Director of Content Standards, Madi is tackling similar challenges in a new domain. They include how to make diverse resources easily accessible for both editors and consumers, how to maintain relationships and usage history of customizable objects, and how to successfully track these components for rights and royalty payments.

Here Comes Everything is a presentation from a business perspective: a little chaos, a lot of risk, and the expedient urgency of now. [No paper submission]

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