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In September 2011, the BFI launched a new collections management system that brought technical film and television holdings records and descriptive filmographic data, as well as collections management functionality such as barcoding and workflow management, into one holistic Collections Information Database (CID). The further integration of all data about related special collections, e.g. stills, posters and archival papers, as well as the library catalogue, is close to completion.

As part of this project, an innovative hierarchical data structure was devised based on the newly ratified European metadata standard CEN prEN 15907 Film identification - Enhancing interoperability of metadata - Element sets and structures. The BFI is the first major film archive to implement this standard, which provides a structure  for the hierarchical ordering of metadata about film works, including their variants, manifestations and items.

The presentation will explain how information management principles were introduced into the BFI National Film and Television Archive through the creation of a dedicated team of information specialists responsible for vocabulary control and thesaurus management across all collections.

We will discuss issues around implementation, change management and the major challenges encountered when moving from a multitude of flat databases into a combined hierarchical data structure.

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